Download FIFA 13 Manual PDF for Xbox 360 and PS3

If you bought the legendary game FIFA 13 from EA Sports I first want to congratulate you on the right decision. Secondly, if you opened up the game CD case, you probably noticed something missing there right? Yep, EA Sports has decided to go green, environmentally green that is. In effort to save on print paper to save trees and the environment at large EA Sports no longer includes a printed hard copy of the FIFA Manual. It’s more likely than not that they are just trying to cut down on their own cost, millions of dollars saved there is millions more in their pocket. Regardless of the reason, there is an outcry from the new fan base for a proper manual.

Now they do include some sort of a manual on the CD. Some versions you can load up the CD on your computer and can access the manual file from there but most have the interactive manual built into the game which you can access from the main menu. Let me warn you that manual is not the greatest. It’s better than nothing I suppose. It does have good FIFA Tutorial videos that do a great job showcasing some of the new features in FIFA 13.
For example the first touch concept, improved jockeying feature and the totally new tactical defending system introduced in FIFA 12. It will take many games before your brain and hands get used to the new changes. So the tutorial videos are good for explaining how the new system works and why it needed to be designed.

Now for all those people who like the traditional form of a manual, that mini booklet that normally comes with all games, can rest assured that there is one available for download. You can thank the FIFA 13 TUTORIAL Team for putting one together for you.
To download the FIFA 13 Manual in PDF (Xbox and PS3) please register below to receive your instant download link for the FIFA Manual.


Let’s kick some Balls!

13 thoughts on “Download Fifa 13 Manual PDF Xbox PS3

  1. Zane Colegate. says:

    Please send me a manual. Thanks guys for an awesome game once again

  2. kevin lyons says:

    hi i brought fifa 13 the other day i got no book with it cause i want to use the kinect with it i connect it the other day but it wouldnt work would ye be able to email me a copy please thanks

  3. Nam says:

    Really love fifa! Please can i get a copy of the strategy guide?

  4. shady says:

    can you send me the pdf of ps3?

  5. Salman says:

    Hey guys, we appreciate everyone’s patience for the past week. The site is under maintenance and we are updating lots of fresh content for everyone. We apologize for all those folks that signed up during this period of time and were not able to download the manuals. Links are all up and working again. Thanks.

  6. LG says:

    After clicking link, it says post is password protected and to enter password.

  7. Waheed says:

    whats the password they are refering to?

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