FIFA 13 – How does my opponent have so much pressure defense against me?

Fifa 13 How to defend and play pressure defense
Question from Sugarland, Texas:
” Great material, thanks very much.
Let me asking you something ,yesterday I played against a guy that putted so much pressure that I was not able to leave my defense side.
So, How they can play with such pre
Please let me know and thank you very much”

FIFA 13 – How does my opponent have so much pressure defense against me?

Thank you for contacting the FIFA Tutorial team.

Defensive pressure can be caused by numerous reasons. Too many to list actually.

Maybe we can take it few at a time. For now we will discuss two big ones (not necessarily the biggest):

1) your opponent knows really well how to play man defense and he’s manually rushing out at your every player making you feel congested. Now, you can judge his skill by observing if he’s leaving holes in his D behind. Best way to play man D is to rush out at the person but be ready to switch players to cover your back to not leave vulnerable spaces in your defense. First thing you want to is see if the person is constantly rushing at you and try and counter it by taking side steps or letting off the turbo and just facing away from the rusher and control the ball for a few more seconds till you spot the vulnerability in the defense.

2) Your opponent has the defensive pressure setting on high. Either he has activated the team pressing or high pressure by using the D-pad during the match. Or he could’ve also activated custom sliders that allows his defensive pressure to be turned up a notch. Nevertheless, there is a way to deal with this pressure.
Key thing here is to observe the defensive shift of your opponent’s team on the radar. For those who don’t like using the radar … well, that could possibly be your weakest link costing you scoring opportunities. If you see the team shift towards the side of the field where the ball is then you know what you got to do. Be ready to build up a play quickly and get the ball over to you open wing man on the opposite side of the field.

So two things to practice:
1 – Hang on to the ball for an extra few touches staying away from the rushing defender. Keep your composure. Let go of the turbo button. Find a stiker making a run and make that quick thru pass/lob.

2 – Use the Radar!! Look for team shifting around leaving vulnerable open space.

Let’s Kick Some Balls!

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  1. Yup says:

    Also try a gamble hard through pass slightly to the middle left or right of the field