FIFA 14 Soundtrack | Download songs free

Let’s be honest, video games are known for their gameplay, but the soundtrack really ties everything together. FIFA games always have an excellent collection of songs, and this year seems to be no exception. While only a few of the FIFA 14 songs have been confirmed – briefly online that is – it looks to be a solid soundtrack once again.

FIFA 14 Soundtrack | Download songs free

After an initial listen, this year’s group of songs seems to be a different style from FIFA 13, which included a whole bunch of techno songs and not very many tracks from the top 40. The FIFA 14 confirmed group has some really awesome songs which are definitely going to make the game more enjoyable to play. Once the playlist has been officially released, check back here for download links.

Right off the bat, Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” is the biggest name on the list and is a great direction for the game to take. It’s a great and catchy song that wouldn’t be most people’s first choice for a video game, but it could work really well. Another song that fits the same description is Drake’s “Started From the Bottom” – it’s a song that’s blown up recently and really describes the FIFA franchise emerging as one of the best sports video games ever.

Ki Theory’s “Kitty Hawk” is another good selection to keep the tempo of the game up. Finally, “Safe and Sound” from Capital Cities is a very good song both for video games as well as casual listening and it should really tie the soundtrack together.

FIFA 14 Songs Playlist

FIFA 14’s whole makeup is about a strong change from FIFA 13 – more realistic and more intense. The FIFA 13 playlist was a lot of fun, just like the game itself, but FIFA 14 is a different beast. The gameplay is realistic and intense, filled with little tweaks to make every moment seem more like the real action on the pitch. So far, the soundtrack appears to be moving down the same path by taking a new and varied group of songs that should complement the game very well.

Now obviously, not everyone will agree with these new songs (just take a look at the YouTube comments for those which have been released already) but with plenty more to come and looking back on the past as reference I think FIFA 14 soundtrack will turn out pretty amazing.

What’s your favorite all time FIFA track?

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