FIFA 14 Tips & Tricks

FIFA 14 Tips & Tricks – How to play FIFA 14 better?

Tip 1: Protect the Ball

How to protect the ball in FIFA 14

A primary aspect of this years release is that you can’t abuse pace (speed) as much, and protecting the ball could be a great approach to make up for this. It will permit you to hold onto the ball longer and give your teammates a chance to get setup for a solid attack, which is prone to be more effective than simply running down the wings.

Tip 2: Get familiar with the Formations

Whats the best formation in fifa 14?

Picking the right formation is fundamental for you to assemble a winning streak. There will be numerous formations to browse on FIFA 14, so check them out, it will be a trial and error style of figuring this out. Ever now and then I just spend a few hours playing matches testing out different formations and how I do with them. Eventually you will end up picking one or two that will fit your style of play.For instance, say you’re a crossing type of guy.. you probably pace up with your wingers and bend a cross into the box to your tall striker, then a formation of 4-3-3 might work great for you. Like mentioned earlier, its all about testing and tweaking what ever formation feels more natural to you.

The 4-4-2 wide formation usually tends to have a over-all decent feel to it and is quite balanced, as it is fundamentally the safest formation. Notice in this formation the CDM will be your extra defenders ready to pounce on any attack buildup by your opponent. Rest of your midfielders and strikers are waiting for a counter strike opportunity, and if you’ve been playing FIFA for long enough you know that best way to score in this game is to master the counter attacks.

Tip 3: Penalties

How to take a penalty kick in Fifa14?

This tip and trick is pretty straight forward; know how to take a decent penalty shot and also know how to block a penalty shot. Too often online, I see guys missing their penalty kicks only because they have no idea how to take one. So practice it before you start playing online. Now, blocking a penalty is much harder than taking one. Only thing to mention here is that make sure you at least know how to dive in any direction. Don’t be that noob who just stands still during a penalty.  Go into your practice skills section of the FIFA 14 menu, and just practice both.

Tip 4: Shooting

How to shoot in FIFA14?

FIFA 14 introduced the “Pure Shot”. Fundamentally, in FIFA 13 the shooting wasn’t exceptionally reasonable, and your body must be in the right position to take a proper shot.In FIFA 14, because of the Pure Shot, it implies that now the player you’re controlling will think about where he is on the pitch, which is his favored foot and change him so he can take care of business set to hit the ball. In light of this, I encourage you to practice taking more shots, because your player will take the best shot possible. Trick to know here is that, when you press shoot, immediately after you should move the joystick into a direction of where you want this in the net. For example, you want it top right corner, then as soon as you press shoot make sure you move the joystick to top right corner of the net. Don’t just press the shoot button pushing the joystick towards the net otherwise you will just hit the goalie in the face 90% of the times. You have to aim around him.

An alternate new change is the “Real Ball Physics”, implying that you will see another assortment of ball flights. This is probably just something that FIFA will polish over the years or maybe in by FIFA 15 release. As for now, this is more hype than useful.

Tip 5: Know your players’ Capabilities

Player skills and strengths FIFA 14

As simple as this sounds, lot of FIFA players don’t do this right. Take time out to just go through your team; player by player and read through their stats, attributes, tendencies and ratings. The more you know about them the better you will be able to use them in the game. For example, Kaka might be slow and not too strong but he has ‘Finesse Shot’ ability, which makes him a threat anywhere inside/outside the box. Anytime I get the ball with Kaka, I pull the trigger on the finesse and watch him curve it in. It doesn’t always go in, but at least I make sure I use that ability of his, too many noobs online will try finesse shots with the wrong players and fail miserably. At least Kaka will either score or will be on target every time with his finesse shots.

And that is some of our tips and tricks for now.. download our free FIFA 14 Strategy Guide or purchase our more detailed guide.

What’s your favorite tip?