How to Attack in FIFA14

How to Build Attack in FIFA 14?

How to attack in fifa 14

In all honesty, the best attacks are built off of counter attacks. Knowing how to take possession and build attack from your defensive end is what all of the top FIFA 14 players in the world master. It might not seem like one of the most critical areas of the game but the simple truth is that it is the secret to building deadly attacks.

So, let’s take a look at some of the basics:

From the Goal Kick

Quite a few people have a real tough time with this part of the game and more than half of the time will probably try to keep possession but will fail to do so properly. Most players online just smash the ball out in the midfield and hope for the best. Rarely will the ‘best’ ever happen, because the defenders are over-powered in FIFA 14 and will 99% of the times will win the headers. In FIFA 14 the capable defenders who have strength and height advantage will jump higher than your strikers and force the possession away. This will put you on the back foot straight away and you’ll end up defending yet again. It’s not wise to always pass the ball to the nearest player from the goal kick, mainly because you don’t want your opponent to read you like a book! Be able to do a bit of everything; short pass, short lob, far kick, etc.

From the Goalkeepers Throw

Again, launching the ball long, should be used as a last resort or if your attackers are in great positions on the wings or if they outnumber the defenders. There are again, several good methods to build an attack from the back without risking losing possession quickly.

If this is an area of FIFA 14 you struggle with getting access to our tips for this area of the game is a must. It will help you be so much more successful on the game which will make it more enjoyable for you!