How to Cross in FIFA14

How to Cross in FIFA 14 properly

What is a Cross?

The cross is pretty much for sending the ball into the penalty box zone through a lobbed kick. Idea is to drop the cross pass right on top of your teammate while he is in front of the opponent’s goal, who can then either head or kick the ball into the opponent’s net. To perform it, you need to press the cross key and indicate the direction in which you want to send the ball. Do not exaggerate with the strength by keeping the button down for too long – kicking the ball too hard will send it outside of the field or land way past the net. You should also avoid centering around the opponent’s goal keeper’s reach, the chances that it will be successful there are very low. There are different types of crosses you can perform.

Low Cross – Middle Cross – Short Cross

Low cross is a perfect way to finish an attack with the spectacular flying header or a volley kick – the ball is ideally crossed at the height of the abdomen or head level rather than a high rainbow style cross. To perform it, double-tap the cross button and move the joystick in the direction in which you want to send the ball. At the same time, try to pass the ball in this way to a specific player – it is a bit more difficult than lobbed centering , because it requires you to be more precise. You should use it especially to pass the ball to the near post, when a player who is not covered by anyone, is in line.

Ground Cross – Grounder

Ground cross allows you to play the ball a few centimeters above the surface; or even bouncing it’s way in front of the net – the ball’s speed is very high, which allows you to take a shot at the opponent’s goal as one-timer shot. To perform it, triple-tap the cross key and select the direction, in which you want the ball to go. Use it when there are many opponent players in the penalty field, and you do not have a clear option to play the ball – a strong kick of this kind may surprise the opponent and cause commotion on the field in front of their most vulnerable point on the field. This is also a good substitute for the perpendicular pass – a ball played low into the area of the fifth meter in front of the goal, may allow to finish the attack with a simple kick that will send the ball into the goal.

Hopefully this helps. Now go practice different types of crosses and see which one works the best for you.