How to do Free Kicks in FIFA14

How to do Free Kicks in FIFA 14

How to do free kicks in FIFA 14

Straight or Strong Free Kick

This will be your most used free kick style as it is the simplest and most accurate way to take a free kick. It’s also the most effective way of scoring a goal from a free kick. If you want to aim the kick at the goalpost, press the modifier and the shoot button. Practice familiarizing yourself with the amount of power you need in a kick from different distances and angles. Aim for the top corners of the net because that is the toughest for the goalkeeper to reach.

Finesse Free Kick

Finesse kicks are good for set pieces that are approximately 20 meters away from the net. To properly execute the finesse free kick, press the shoot and finesse modifier buttons. Players with Free kick accuracy and finesse traits would be the deadliest.

Powerful Free Kick

To kick a bullet shot press the shoot, modifier and finesse. To smash a ball at the goal is always a boss feeling especially when the ball ends up in the back of the net. These strong free kicks are good from long distances, especially when you know that you are too far for a precision shot.