How to Dribble in FIFA14

How to Dribble in FIFA 14 and keep possession.

How to dribble in FIFA 14

In FIFA 14, you probably have noticed by now that it is practically impossible to dribble the ball easily through a bunch of defenders. Gone are the days of single player dribbling the ball from coast to coast. The defenders are extremely over powered in this year’s FIFA 14 release. Although, skills are a bit easier to pull off but that isn’t the only way to dodge defenders. It’s just all about timing.

Timing Your Dribble

Needless to say, the only time you really should be sprinting across the field with one guy is when you have a fast striker and a whole lot of clear space ahead of you. Now in FIFA 14, the dang defenders are so over-powered that not only will they out-pace your fastest guy but they will also out power your most strongest striker. Smarter defenders will also tend to stick out their foot at the right time and knock the ball away from your feet. If you do have the tendency to abuse pace then the best players to do it with are you quick midfielders. Catch one on the wing and knock it ahead as you dribble faster. But keep in mind, with the new defensive engines in FIFA 14 dribbling with any single player, even if its Ronaldo or Messi, the game is designed to reduce pace abusing.

The Strategy and Technique

Like mentioned above, your not gonna get many chances to abuse pace, but when you see a lot of open space in front of you you better work that player and make his rear end run as fast as he can towards the net. An easy way to gain speed while dribbling is knocking the ball ahead further and further till your player is running at top speed. You achieve this by pushing the right stick forward, in the direction your player is running. The number of time you flick the stick forward, the further ball will be knocked forward. Now, don’t get too excited with this functionality and hit it too far ahead because you might get too close to the net and not have time to get a good shot off or the defender might butt in and push you off the ball easily. Only do this if there is extreme clear field ahead of you. Why should you knock the ball ahead? It’s simple. The players sprint faster without the ball in their feet, so knock that sh*t forward and sprint like a dog!

Now when there ain’t no clear space in front, this will be the case 80% of the times, you’ll have to resort to a more strategical style of dribbling; moving left to right or in and out as you slowly move forward. It feels like posting up in basketball, except you dribble the ball with your feet. In order to do this properly you got to let off the turbo button, since there is no precision control while turbo-ing your way through things. Try moving towards the opponent’s least covered side first then cut in to where you actually want to go. With the shift in the defensive momentum you should be able to create some quick chances for either a shot or a quick pass.

Hope this helps, now go and pace abuse! Just kidding, pace abusing is actually pretty lame. Lol.