How to play Defense in FIFA14

How to play Defense in FIFA 14 properly

How to play defense in FIFA 14

Defensive Techniques and Tips

Good offence is good defense, it is key to make sure that when it comes to the defense, everything works like a well-maintained machine. Effective stopping of the opponent’s attacks requires you, first of all, to create a well coordinated defense and to adopt a proper strategy tailored to fit the opponent’s attacks.

  • FIFA 14 puts definitive emphasis on the fight in the midfield – to the extent it is possible, try to attack the opponent already in the region of the center circle, and put your stakes on pressing the opponent right after you enter his half.
  • Do not skulk from shoulder to shoulder contact and attempts to seize the ball in this region of the field – the chances of taking it over are quite high and there are no serious ramifications involved in foul play.
  • Use the defensive midfields – they are a big help when it comes to stopping attacks. What is even more, they can often open you the way to the opponent’s goal with a cross pass.
  • Do not forget to set offside traps – although it is quite risky, with the score to your advantage and a good defense, it is a good idea to attempt catching the opponent’s forwards in the offside position.
  • Try to ensure the cooperation of defense and midfielders – the opponent’s players will be eager to take advantage of gaps and empty fields, and tightening the cooperation between these two lines, make the opponent find it more difficult to reach your penalty field.
  • Use tall defense players on the stopper position –this one is a vulnerable position, whose meaning is often a key for destructive attacks. A well-built defender is, first of all, a good opportunity to send a crossing pass away from the penalty field, or to block the opponent with his body.