How to Shoot in FIFA14

How to Shoot goals in FIFA 14?

how to shoot in fifa14
Are you ready to score some goals? How many ways do you know how to shoot? Do you shoot, sweaty pass or chip the ball? Decisions.. decisions… and more decision.

What to look for in a striker
When choosing a striker or center forward on your team you would want the following traits and ratings:
• Finishing
• Shot Power
• Long Shots
• Volleys
• Reactions
• Ball Control
• FK Acc. (if you want to score from free kicks)
• Heading Acc. (if you want to score from corners etc with your head)

These are extras to have:
• Distance Shooter
• Clinical Finisher
• Complete Forward
• Aerial Threat (for headers)
• Acrobat (for bicycle kicks etc)
• Poacher
• Free Kick Specialist

These traits are very useful:
• Long Shot Taker
• Finesse Shot
• Power Free-Kick
• Power Header
• Flair

When to shoot
Using the shoot button is not really enough to get you through the game, but knowing when to shoot can make all the difference.

Generally you’ll want to get into a position that:
• Has a clear space in front of your player
• Isn’t too far out (the edge of the box is fine, but halfway line stuff is rarely ever worth it)
• Has you facing the opposition’s goal (unless you want to do a bicycle kick or other acrobatic shot)
• Presents you with an angle that isn’t ludicrous (shooting from the corner flag is a waste)

How to shoot
Once you’re in a good spot, hold down the shoot button for less than a second and aim towards goal. If you’re running and have kicked the ball slightly ahead of you, you can hold it a little longer before releasing.
Don’t hold the button down too much or you’ll sky it.
Hold the left analog stick up or down slightly while shooting to change the shot’s direction. Push it too far and the shot will go wide, too little and it will hardly move. Not at all and your shot will go towards the center of the goal. Pushing towards the goal will add topspin, pushing away will add backspin.
Remember – every player is different. Some will keep shots low even when you’ve held the button for a while.