FIFA 14 Ultimate Team | FUT14 Web App

FIFA 14 is one of the most anticipated football/soccer titles of the year, and it’s new features are really going to amaze the fans of the series. First of all, it’s going to be insanely realistic – with huge updates to the shooting, scoring, celebrating, dribbling and defending physics already in place from last year’s model.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team | FUT14 Web App

One aspect of the game that’s getting a very exciting facelift is the Ultimate Team. If you haven’t played with ultimate team before, it’s one of the best ways to fantasize about being a real football manager and bidding on new players to add to your amazing squad. If you first log in to FUT menu and find it overwhelming, well let me assure you that you get familiar with it real quick so just stick with it and follow the instructions. You have to give it a try if you haven’t already! Can’t stress that enough.

Exciting new FIFA 14 Ultimate Team features

For all those who are already enjoying the FUT life, good news for you! A big change to the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App is the new chemistry add-ons. Since you are creating a team of player cards from all over the world, your ultimate team’s rating and chemistry level fluctuate based on the roster you have set up. This year you can add certain chemistry changes to each player to help them adapt better to your system and style of game-play.

Give your goal-scoring strikers higher sniper additions and help for their heading, while boosting the dribbling and passing skills of your midfielders and backs. This way, each of the guys in your top XI are acting better in their given role and are helping the guys around them.

Picking up players is much easier in FIFA 14 as there are huge updates to what was available in the past. Beforehand, picking up new players was a bit slow and random as the auction setting made it difficult to pinpoint the exact guy you wanted. Now, you can search for players by name directly instead of wading through tons of pages in the auction screens.

Also, if you’re looking for that perfect final piece to round out your roster you can search for players from within that empty roster spot to perfectly define which guys will put your squad over the top.


Once you’ve set up your roster, sometimes the setup and settings are still a bit out of sync, but in FIFA 14 you can customize almost every single thing about your ultimate team. Who will take corners from the left or which kit numbers will each player wear is now entirely up to you.

Ultimate Team (FUT) is one of the best parts of playing solo in FIFA 14, and with these new changes, it just might overtake playing other modes in the game. Make sure to check it out and start building your squad if you haven’t already in FIFA 13.

Is FUT the best part of FIFA to you?

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