FIFA 14 vs PES2014 Review

Fifa 14 vs PES2013, faces review, which game is better

Which football/soccer game is better in 2013?

Let’s face it. If you’re a diehard gamer and a diehard soccer fan, then every year you are hit with the decision of whether to pick up the latest FIFA title, or to opt for Pro Evolution Soccer’s latest. Unless you have some sort of allegiance to one over the other, sometimes the choice is not so simple. This year may be one of those times. Let’s check it out.

FIFA 14 vs PES2013. Which football/soccer game is better?

PES prides itself on being a very realistic game, while at the same time offering some exciting and fun arcade-like styles. FIFA prides itself on being super realistic while providing you with the most life-like and riveting soccer experience on your console.

Both games have really stepped things up under the hood for the titles to be released for the 2014 season, but which is better?

The fact of the matter is that the EA Sports owns some of the best selling games across all sports – not just soccer. FIFA 13 was one of the greatest and most realistic sports games in history, so while some PES supporters are claiming that the FIFA14 edition is just a few tweaks of last year’s batch, well that’s not such a bad thing.

FIFA 14 vs PES2014: Which one to buy?

Can the Winning Eleven classic make a comeback?
PES meanwhile has had to make significant jumps to really get back on the same tier as the FIFA series. And they might have done just that this time around. Adding the FOX engine to its repertoire this year, the movements, physical features and styles of play are all incredibly realistic, to the degree that can be seen in the Metal Gear Solid series – one of the most intense and lifelike first person shooter games out there.

While PES2014 will ensure a real looking soccer experience, FIFA 14 has created a more real feeling experience with its new physics tweaks. Just making changes to the smallest of details has made FIFA gameplay seem less robotic and more like what you watch on TV.

When throwing a ball to a teammate, you can adjust for having a defender close behind you by popping the ball off your chest up and over him to give yourself an advantage. That’s what happens in real life, right, so why shouldn’t it happen in FIFA 14 too? With improved shot physics FIFA 14 is going to be off the hook with it’s realism.

The little tweaks may seem dull to PES’ hardcore fans, but life is really all about the little things. There is no doubt that PES 2014 will be a very thrilling lifelike game, but FIFA’s new physics and alterations for goal scoring, improved AI and protecting the ball have made it stand out once again.

The real solution may be to try both of them, but if it has to be one choice, and you’re looking for the best and most realistic footy game out there, it’s going to be EA Sport’s FIFA 14.

You guys think it’s a close race between FIFA & PES this year?

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