How can I play FIFA 13 better? How to improve?

Stuck in a plateau? How to improve your game FIFA13 Tutorial
Question from California:

“I’ve been playing a lot of FIFA 13 lately, and jumped up from semi-pro about a month ago. I was doing good for a while, but recently I seem to have hit a plateau. The thing is though, I learned how to dribble hard core, and know how to juke online players, but I cant seem to trick the computer. Do you have any tips on how to improve on this? Is it just my creativeness? I appreciate any suggestions.”

How can I play FIFA 13 better? How to improve? FIFA 13 Tips and Tricks

>> Hello,
Thank you for dropping by and congrats on your game play improvements.

Some find playing Legendary computer tougher to beat than Division 1 players online and vice-versa. It’s different for everyone, it all depends on your style of play.

Said that, computer will always have a pattern to its game play. It also makes less errors on defense and offense as you move up on the difficulty setting. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) is designed to calculate the best scoring option.

From what we notice, to beat the computer on the harder settings you will have to improve your defense. Learn to put your opponent in an uncomfortable zone. This was they will be forced to do things that they don’t normally do. As for your offense game, it depends on your style of attack building, stick to what you’re good at but also pick up new attack building methods.

Try the following:


1. Switch back and forth from the passing game to possession game where you don’t try to push the ball up too soon. Rather swing it around the pitch and slowly move up using 1-2 give-n-go (triangle) passing.
Now if moving it up quick, just do quick short passes. The computer will be right on you so you better have the next pass lined up. It could be something quick like 2 or 3 short passes moving up the pitch then a give-n-go pass in for the final blow.

2. 3star+ skill moves or dekes don’t necessarily work too well against the AI or a human opponent in a match. Try mastering the basics even with tougher opponents. Simple maneuvers work very efficiently.

3. Crossing tends to works well too. Have you tried an early cross? Catching the striker in motion off an early cross can create some deadly opportunities.


1. Practice jockeying and clog up the middle as the computer gets closer to the box. You don’t want to commit, rather just stay in front of the player keeping track of the ball and open space. The computer is very good at pulling off quick dekes to clear up enough space for a clean shot on target. Decrease those opportunities by keeping an eye on the pattern.
2. Make use of team mate contain to put pressure on strikers. Remember don’t over commit! Find that right balance of pressure. The computer is known for making the ‘right’ decisions so it will take the best shot the defense allows it, you have to make sure you are pressuring so the best shot the computer’s got is not a great one. You can do this by getting in the way of shots to block them or pushing/tackling (NOT SLIDE TACKLE) the player and containing properly.

Usually when a FIFA player get to this point of leveling out at a ‘plateau’ what takes them to the next level is increasing their defensive skills by learning jockeying and containing efficiently. Secondly, increasing their overall game speed which means you make decisions faster, you think faster, you react faster, etc.. you get the point I’m sure.

Anyways, hope this helps for now.
Let us know how it goes. If you have any suggestions on video tutorials let us know.


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  1. Rk hargraves says:

    i dont know how to improve the pressure play of Lievrpool there are 2 quality strikers rather than Suarez namely dani Pacheco & Osama Assaidi these 2 players are better than Downing and sterling but i still don’t know their conter attacking to play more attacks.