How to Finish in FIFA 13? Double tap shoot trick

How to finish in FIFA 13 Tutorial - double tap shoot trick

Double tap shot is pretty much a controlled grounder. It doesn’t move with power nor does it have height. It’s designed to be tucked under the goalie’s reach.

How to Finish in FIFA 13? Double tap shoot trick tutorial

It might not look good but it gets easy goals 8/10 times if used properly, which is pretty damn good. Let’s take a look at this diagram below to get a better understanding how this goal works:

Possibility of the goalie stopping shots on net. FIFA 13 Tutorial

Above diagram pretty much sums up an approximate possibility of the goalie reacting and stopping these certain shots in FIFA 13. After reviewing dozens of matches and hundreds of shots taken on different goalies. This what we noticed in FIFA 13, the goalie is at the highest likelihood of stopping a shot at waist level. 75% of shots taken top or bottom corners seemed to successfully go in.

Now how to tuck the shot in on the bottom corners? Simple.. select the direction left/right and just double tap the shoot button quickly when inside the box and near the goal. This will cause your player to do a soft grounder shot that looks easy to block but the goalie will always react incorrectly and it will go in. We noticed the goalie lot of the times would dive in the direction of the shot but since double tap results in a grounder it just rolls right underneath the goalie and into the net.

Keep in mind, you can not pull this off from too far so make sure you are close to the net. It’s perfect for those situations where you are close to the goalie but if you took a power shot it will hit the goalie, alternative to that you just tuck a grounder in for a goal.

This move works a little similar to finesse shots. Angles are the best ways to score the double tap shots. By facing at a slight angle to the net and double tapping a grounder shot you increase your chances of this resulting in a goal. Practice this shot and you will add another trick under your belt in how to “finish your goals” in FIFA 13.
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-FIFA 13 Tutorial Team
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  1. Sabbir Hossain says:

    Excellent points indeed. I have used this many times to score in “desperate” times (when you HAVE to score to win a point in order to get a promotion in online seasons).

    In this same context, I have come up with a suggestion/improvement for the next FIFA. It will be great if you check my blog on this same topic-

  2. amin says:


  3. Manual Football Player says:

    Great tip and makes logic sense. After reading this used it in games and went from not being able to score to hitting the target and socring goals finally winning games. This tip has helped with one of my biggest weaknesses which was shooting.