How to Play FIFA 13

How to play FIFA 13 – scoring, defending, shooting, dribbling

Good defense leads to good offense but that doesn’t mean scoring goals is easy. As you go higher up in the divisions online, your opponent’s defense gets stronger and stronger. And to break down their defense you need have a bunch of different types of attacks at your disposal.

Playing online gives you exposure to different types of defensive strategies used by people and helps you develop a good overall game. I will be talking about a few strategies that have worked for me very well in the past and hopefully you guys can benefit from it. If you try these strategies and if don’t work for you, it doesn’t mean that they are not good enough. It just means that you aren’t use to it properly but once you start playing and practicing, you will see that your game has improved a lot.

Your offensive armada contains a whole bunch of things that can be used at different points in a game; passing, crossing and of course shooting.  When all of these things come together it can create a good scoring opportunity.

FIFA 13 Defending – How to play Defense
FIFA 13 Crossing – How to cross the ball the right way
FIFA 13 Dribbling – How to dribble the ball effectively

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