How to Dribble in FIFA13

FIFA 13 Dribbling – How to Dribble the Ball effectively

This is possibly the most important part of the offense other than actually scoring the goal: dribbling. Passing doesn’t always work and sometimes you need to beat your defender by maneuvering around them. I will be talking about different types of dribbles that can be done in the span of a game.
FIFA 13 Dribbling - how to dribble the ball effectively

The simplest way is just moving your player by using the left analog without using any enhancement button (LT, RT, LB or RB). This can be used in simple situations to move around players in the midfield area. It can sometimes be used inside the box but that requires to very precise movements. For those precise movements, different enhancement buttons or a combination of them can be held. LT or commonly known as ball control is used to make small movements around the player usually to protect the ball.

I mostly use it when a defender is running at me and with this button I can quickly pull the ball back or move it to the side. It helps you maintain possession in tight spots. Another cool thing you can do with this is faking your change in direction. By holding LT and moving your left analog up and then down right after that, your player performs a ball fake behind his back to confuse your opponent. If they defender bites on your fake, you can capitalize and go by the defender.

I usually use this when running down the wing and I require a little bit more space for my cross. By doing the fake, my opponent is caught off guard and I now have enough time to get a good cross off. LB helps you make cuts (change in direction) on your opponent. This enhancement when properly used can help you move through tight spots for example in between 2-3 defenders. You shouldn’t hold this button for a long time; basically try to only use it when you want to make the cut. The cut should be done by your left analog and it should be quick. People tend to wait till the defender is really close to them and then make their move. That is wrong. You want to have some space between you and your opponent so when you make your move the ball has enough space to travel. But you don’t to do it very early either or else the defender will easily be able to read your move.

And the last enhancement you can do it by holding RT and LT at the same time. This can be best used by players with high acceleration ratings. This enhancement allows you to move/pull the ball in a direction very quickly to create space. Creating space allows players with high acceleration to take off and lead to scoring an opportunity.