How to Cross in FIFA13

FIFA 13 how to Cross the ball

How to cross the ball in FIFA 13 – Play the crossing game

It is a very useful attack to have at your disposal when playing the game. I personally play a lot on the wing so crossing has to be a huge part of my gameplay. If you are good at crossing, your opponents are expecting you to cross and trying their best to stop it. You can take advantage of this by actually bringing the ball inside the box and getting a scoring opportunity. But like I said for you to do that, you need to have a good crossing game.
FIFA 13 how to Cross the ball
Crossing the ball is very simple; you just press but in crossing timing and the power are very crucial. Assume that you are bringing the ball down the wing and u see that your players are running towards the goal post inside the box. You need to figure out which one of your players has a higher chance of receiving the ball and getting a shot off.

For example if there are two players running, and you want to hit the first one, your power level the pass shouldn’t be more than 2 bars. If you want to hit the further out player, you obviously put a little bit more power (3 bars minimum) to hit that player. But like I said timing is as important as power level. You want to cross your ball when your receiving player is just outside the box. This allows you to have a harder shot on the net as you are hitting the ball in motion and it also catches the goalkeeper off his guard. The further you are from the receiving player the earlier you want to send out your cross. This creates time for the ball to travel the distance between the two players.  You can use the LB button for crossing as it creates a sort of a “lead cross”. So I would strongly suggest you use the button when crossing the ball to a player in motion.

Upon receiving the ball, the player can do multiple types of shot. The simplest is just pressing B and the player will take the best possible shot. You can also wait for the ball control it and then shoot it giving you a better shot. But this type of shot requires a little bit of time, so if you have space around you should easily do it. But if you want to choose want shot you want your player taking, the enhancement buttons can be used. RB can be used to head the ball towards the ground. It’s a very useful tactic as it is very hard for the goalkeeper to stop ground headers especially on a cross. Try to only use this when you receiving player already underneath the ball. It won’t be as effective if you use this while your receiving player is running.

For running players, LT is the best option. LT will either result in a diving header or a bicycle kick the ball is closer to the player. Diving headers are very clutch in tight situations as the defender won’t be able to stop it. The only drawback is aiming on your header. There is very little room for you to aim as the player usually heads the play straight. So if the goalie is right in front of your player heading the ball, there is a high chance he will stop it. But for the goalie to get right in front of your player after a cross is very difficult so the drawback isn’t that big of a deal. Diving headers usually work for me 7/10 which are very good odds according to me.