How to play Defense in FIFA13

How to Defend in FIFA 13 – How to play Defense

There are various defensive tactics that be used during FIFA. I have played a lot of FIFA 12 and FIFA 13 in the past year and I have come across many defense strategies that players use online. Everyone has their own style of play and use what defense strategy works best for them. I have a few strategies that I use during my gameplay which work for me. I will be talking about them and hopefully u guys can try them out too.
FIFA 13 defending - How to play defense

One important thing is having at least 4 defenders; it might seem like a foolish advice but I have faced people who are think it’s a good strategy to overload the offense because they have good offensive players at their disposal. For example, Spain: Spain’s team is loaded on forwards but people tend to forget what makes Spain such a deadly threat is their defense. Good defense leads to counter attacks which in turn lead to good scoring opportunity.

A good defensive strategy begins with the right formation, right placement of players and then the actual gameplay. I will be talking about in detail about some strategies I use during my gameplay.

This defensive strategy begins with the formation with 4 defenders and splitting your midfield into attacking mid and defensive mid (e.g.:2-2-2-4). By splitting up the midfield you allow yourself to have a couple of more defenders at your disposal. These two mid-defenders give you the option to chase around your opponents without losing your last line of defense. Chasing opponents with your actual defenders can be costly because if you get beaten by your opponent, there is nobody between your opponent and your goalie. But with the additional defenders, you can put a lot more pressure on your opponents. The key thing with this formation is the player selection for these two mid-defenders. As you know these two players will be running around a lot so they need to have good stamina. Therefore, when you managing your team, you should try placing players with high stamina at these positions. Another attribute I look for in this position is strength. These two players will be your first line of defense and they will be facing your opponents head on first. So it’s good to have strong players at this position as they can body out your opponents at the midfield line and regain position.

To make your defense even stronger, your gameplay strategy has to take advantage of your defensive formation. I keep repeating myself, but in this defensive strategy the two mid-defenders are very important. These two defenders specifically play the center defensive mid position (CDM). So depending on my opponent’s game style this formation can be used in two ways. First, if your opponent has a strong wing game and it’s playing well at that position. In that case my gameplay strategy uses this formation is to force my opponents towards the center of the field and keep them away from the wings. In this way, my defense is the strongest in the center and forcing your defenders that way will only work in your advantage. Well you may ask how you force your opponent into moving the way you want them to move. Well it’s pretty simple; you simply give them the space to go towards the middle by blocking off their wing path. It may sound weird but it is really easy once you start doing it. The second way you can use it if your opponent is playing well in the center field and is getting good passing opportunities. In that case, by using your mid-defenders force your opponents towards the wing by giving them space to use the wings. In both case you are forcing your opponent in a certain direction. That doesn’t mean you are going to get the ball right away. It just gives you an advantage over your defenders as you know where they are going. It takes time for you to get used to this formation and strategy but once you do I guarantee your defensive game will get a lot better.

Another defensive strategy is the playing the off ball defense. The formation for this strategy can be anything as long as you have a minimum of 4 defenders. In this gameplay you are leaving the on-ball defense to the computer. When playing online games, the computer level is around professional so they are pretty reliable but doesn’t mean you can depend on them. And that’s where you come in to make the defense stronger. Playing off-ball defense provides you with a few more seconds on defense which allows you read your opponent’s next move and act accordingly. Also by being the off-ball defender allows you to pressure your opponents by double-teaming the player with the ball.

Timing is very important in this defense attack. Like I said before the computer defense is good but not reliable. So if you take too long trying to read the defense or make your move the advantage of this defense goes away. While playing this defense, you should press teammate contain which will make the closest defender approach your opponent. When your opponent sees the defender coming he is going to make a move to try getting around the defender. That’s when you come in to and trap your opponent and try to block all his options. Depending on your timing, your opponent might lose the ball right away when you double team or due to the pressure might make a bad pass which works out you too. Either way you are surprising your opponent and making him turn the ball over. Another advantage of this defensive strategy is that it leads to quick and efficient counter attacks. As there are two players pressuring the ball, there is an opportunity of one of them leaking out for a quick counter attack.