Learn to play FIFA 12 from FIFA TUTORIAL

Fifa Tutorial is the place to be for real tips and techniques that you can actually use in the game. Learning to play FIFA 12 isn’t so hard but to win matches on consistent basis takes time.

First of all let me mention to you that there is only two rules to improving your game.

  1. Lots of practice.
  2. Lots of patience.

I don’t mean practice trick moves in the arena. I mean, practice playing others online over and over and over till you start to see your mistakes. Now play twice as more to correct those mistakes. As cliche as it sounds, identifying your mistakes is the first step to improving.

I found doing the following things helped me learn to play FIFA 12 much better:

  • Playing in Career mode by creating a player. As I trained that player I found it helped me understand the mechanics of the game and improved abilities to feel the game better.
  • Playing against the computer helped me realize how effective crisp passing is. If you want to learn how to hang onto the ball and make proper spacing for good passes then play the computer and observe.
  • Playing different opponents other than your circle of friends.

I lost many games for many months of practicing regularly but the long awaited skill-set finally came to me eventually. Patience is key. If you lose hope after losing 5 straight games then you will never improve. Losing is part of learning. If your losing and not learning anything from your losses then and only then are you really losing. So long as you are learning or identifying your mistakes every game you play then whether you win or lose you still gain something. That’s what matters.

So, if you really want to learn how to play Fifa 12 properly then just practice steps mentioned above. I’m sure your game-play will see much improvement and you will start to win more games. Best part is you will start to win with more goal differences.

Stop trying to win by luck. Start winning by design. Analyse your mistakes and tweak your game play in practice games. Turn your weakness into strengths through practice.

Good luck.

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