Neymar and Barcelona: FIFA 14 is going to be awesome!

Unless you live in a cave somewhere, as a soccer fan you’re probably aware that Brazil is once again at the center of the soccer universe. The national team just won the Confederations Cup at home and is looking forward to a similar result in next summer’s World Cup – also at home.

Neymar and Barcelona: FIFA 14 is going to be awesome!

But the real hit has been the players. And let’s be honest, it’s about time we talk about someone who wasn’t born in Spain. The national club has been unstoppable and led by the young superstar Neymar who will be playing this season in… (drumroll and/or sigh) … Barcelona! Of course he is.

The kid is a star, there’s no denying that. And he is going to prove to the world (and those of us who aren’t Barca fans) that his new club is more than a one-man show. As for a new show in Barcelona, Neymar actually has the acting side of soccer down pat – check out this display of theatrics from recent international play.

Well it looks like he’ll fit right in to La Liga…

Speaking of fitting in, football fans should be itching to see how Neymar will mesh with his new Barcelona teammates. Considering about 80% of them were on the national Spain team that Neymar and Brazil beat for the Confederations Cup win, this should take a little getting used to for all parties involved.

As if proving that he’s the future of soccer wasn’t enough, Neymar will also be filling the void left by another incredible young talent, Thiago Alcantara. When you break it down, though, there really isn’t much competition between the two. Alcantara is a leader – he led Spain’s U-21 team to victory just last month. But Neymar is a scorer – a skilled finisher who will help make Messi look old by stealing some of his thunder.

Neymar is an incredible talent. And he’s now got not one but two opportunities to showcase his skills on the world stage. The World Cup is approaching faster than you think and Neymar is essentially the official host to the other nations. He is also front and center on the Barcelona stage, which let’s be honest is beyond massive. Barcelona has matches, and other teams have matches against Barcelona. Not much else matters to soccer outside of the UK.

You would be wise to keep your eye on Neymar this coming year and watch him work his magic. In fact, make sure you buy FIFA 14 game just to experience how great of a player Neymar is first hand. Neymar on Barcelona, damn.. Neymar on FIFA 14 is going to be awesome! Play with him on Brazil if you’re not a Barca fan, that also works. I’m not sure there’s a button for eccentric diving though, but it may be in the online manual…

As the new soccer season is just over a month away, there are plenty of players, managers and storylines to follow, but the career arc of Neymar is a top news story right now. We could be witnessing history in the making, and on these two center stages it will be tough to miss any of the action.

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