Retirement Matches???

So remember back in the days of the WWF and now the  WWE the concept of retirement matches? You think we should have the same thing in FIFA12?

It probably doesn’t make sense to have such matches, after all who wants to pay $70 for the game and not play it after a couple of months. Not many no. However, it does happen, indirectly.

Me and a buddy, who I’m going to call Prax, were playing the other day, it was the final match to decide who won the season. I like using the small clubs so I chose Anzhi Makhachkala where Prax chose his favorite team, Milan. Long story short, I beat him 3-0, it wasn’t just any type of win, it was a dominating win, a thorough beat down. My buddy wasn’t able to muster up any sort of game in the final deciding fixture.

He was alright with it, pissed obviously, but not to the point where he was going to throw his controller at the TV. So, we started a new season. I decided to go with an even smaller club, Santos. He, wanting to have the best shot at redeeming himself chose Milan again. I managed to beat him again, 1-0, it wasn’t a beat down but I missed several good chances. He was now very frustrated, so much so that he did not want to play me anymore. He wanted to play a mutual friend of ours, Reggie, who was also online.

It was obviously the wrong decision because our “mutual friend” is quite a bit better than myself. If he wanted to seek out redemption he was barking up the wrong tree. Anyways, to each his own I guess.

He had enough of clubs so decided to try his luck with countries. He chose Spain, arguably the strongest country out there, Reggie chose Mexico. First 3 mins, goal, 23rd min, goal, Mexico up 2-0. At the start of the second half my Reggie went for the kill. He broke in with Hernendez and drilled a shot in the top left corner. Just as Hernendez was doing his patented heel tap, the screen went blank. Prax, pissed beyond belief chose to disconnect! Very poor sportsmanship I would think.

Long story short, again. He was so pissed, upset, frustrated and even to some extent suicidal that I had to actually call him up afterwards and console him. He said he needed to take a break from FIFA, go into retirement, get away from the game. It was messing with his personal life.

Is it possible to take a video game too far? So much so that it affects your personal life? We have to be able to separate fantasy from reality but some people just can’t do it. Do we need to set up some sort of support system for these type of gamers? If I wasn’t there for my buddy, who knows where he would be right now, maybe lying face down in a ditch, who knows.

Let’s keep it real folks, video games are about having fun! If you take the added stress of video gaming to bed you need help!

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