Top 3 reasons why people might initially hate FIFA 13

I absolutely hate the first touch. Yes, I’m talking about the game!

Well that is my thought process 5 minutes into the game. I can’t control passes and lobs are bouncing off my chest like I got trampoline implants. WTF is going on? I’m playing the CPU on Legendary and can’t seem to get a single win off this perfect robot team. So, being a devout FIFA series player I can understand the frustrations noobs might have with this release as I can’t even get my game right. However like every year, the cycle is the same. I hate the changes, then adjust to it, then reach new heights with my favorite football/soccer game on earth. Well, till next September rolls around and the hatred returns. What can I say I got this love and hate relationship with this home wrecker of a video game.

So what are the Top 3 reasons people might initially hate FIFA 13?

Reason #3.

Player stats change in kickoff. This is the new Match day feature where the player stats resemble his results in the real season. This can be a bit annoying if your favorite player or your goalie has a big red arrow beside his name while your opponent has a bunch of green arrows. Talk about pre game handicap!

Reason #2.

Reduced seasons. The online friendlies Head-to-Head Seasons are reduced to 5 games only. This kind of sucks at first because its basically a race to 3 games. Whoever manages to pull 3 W’s first wins the season. A little quick but hey at least this way you will have more seasons under your belt quicker.

Reason #1.

First Touch! Damn initial touch control introduced in FIFA 13. This at first is very frustrating because it forces you to play more cautious when receiving passes and lobs. It took me about 10 games or so before I started to get the hang of this new feature and started appreciating it. Or shall I say, take advantage of this weakness in opponents.


In conclusion, FIFA 13 is a another success. Don’t get stumped over the initial changes in the game. It is there for a reason and the more you play it the more you will get comfortable with it. Of course there is some skill involved so check out the tutorials section on this site to get more tips on how to take advantage of the first touch control in FIFA 13.

Till then play hard, practice even harder!

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