Top 10: What’s new in FIFA 14 improvements?

whats new in fifa 14 improvements

With the upcoming soccer season just over a month away, it’s time to start getting excited for the newest edition of EA FIFA release. YES! FIFA 14 video game is set to release on September 27th, 2013.

So, What’s new in FIFA 14 improvements?

So, it appears that this year the main focus for EA Sports for their newest FIFA title is making it uber-realistic. No, seriously I know they say that every year. But from the previews and promotions it seems like this is going to be the most realistic FIFA yet. In the past they were trying to make the players and stadiums look real, but in 2014 it’s all about reactions.

Taking what we know so far about the game, let’s talk about what’s new in FIFA 14. Here are the top 10 reasons why FIFA 14 improvements are going to be awesome.

10 – the split superstar cover. What? This isn’t a feature. Yes it is. The past two years EA put the cover of their NHL series to a fan vote. Which was awesome. This time around for FIFA it’s not a vote, but a shared cover. It’s getting closer to be what the fans really want. And it’s a cover which us non-worshippers of Messi really love. Fun fact: there are other players out there, such as the incredible Gareth Bale.

9 – precision movement. This new feature allows players to pivot, juke, sidestep and generally look a lot less like uncontrollable robots. A+

8 – teammate intelligence. No longer will your incredible through-ball sail innocently into the hands of the other team’s keeper as opposed to your teammate. So dumb, it’s about time.

7 – player anticipation. When a player sees a defender/opponent heading towards him to steal the ball, he reacts accordingly. Just like in real life. He protects the ball instead of getting rocked by lazy defending.

6 – next-gen consoles. FIFA 14 will be available on PS4 and Xbox One. Giddy up.

5 – pure shot. This one is really cool. When a player is heading towards the net he will set his feet and take a shot that the actual player in real life would take. Not some stupid direct play towards the keeper, but a spinning/curling/moving shot that’s a genuine, honest to god attempt to score. And if you’re playing with the right guy, it’ll go in and make you look like a FIFA beast.

4 – real soccer happenings. This is going to be an epic year in the soccer world. Plenty of superstars making headlines across all the big leagues, as well as anticipation for the 2014 World Cup. Playing in these scenarios with these players and teams will be great fun.

3 – the graphics. Watch a gameplay trailer, they’re unreal.

2 – finesse headers. Have you ever sent a beautiful cross into the box, only to have the header fly squarely into the keeper’s arms or ridiculously out of play? Not anymore. With a little flick of the right stick, your player who is fighting for position will place a finesse header to the opposite corner essentially stopping the keeper in his tracks when he can’t figure out where the ball is going. This is going to make for some sick replays.

1 – chest flick. This is the smallest and simplest of features but shows the insane realistic nature of this game. When your player is receiving a cross or a high pass from a teammate, you can flick the joystick to bounce the ball off his chest, up and over the defender to yourself to set up a breakaway to the net. It’s insane how amazingly simple this and how it will be a huge difference in games. It’s the little things that count.

So, there you have it. Top 10 list of what’s new in FIFA 14! With all the buzz that EA Sports and fans have created about this game it definitely looks like the franchise is only moving up. I can’t wait to insert that FIFA 14 CD in the console and enjoy another year of FIFA addiction.

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