So..You want to Download FIFA 12 Online for Free?

To download FIFA 12 online for free or should you just cough up the money and go buy the damn game? That’s apparently the question that every 1 out 5 kids are asking themselves around the world. Pathetic.

Aside from it being a legal concern… I think its an even bigger of an ethical concern. How come no one gives a rats-ass anymore about illegal downloads of pirated software? Somewhere along the line we forgot that these are real people who put in a lot of hard work day-in and day-out to create amazing software and video games. We forgot that these things need to be purchased. We forgot that attaining something without paying for it is stealing.

So yes I’m pretty annoyed by people who announce that they just downloaded FIFA 12 online for free and are now enjoying it on their laptops. Where-as my sorry ass has to go out and cough up $69.99 at Best Buy just to play it on my $299 PS3.

Why the heck is FIFA 12 so damn expensive anyway? What happen to the good old days where a brand new copy of NBA Jam was $40? But since its one of the few games I actually play on consistent basis I don’t mind paying the high price. Especially coming off of a disappointing brand loyalty with Konami’s PES series, I’m willing to even pay $200 for a copy of FIFA 12. But that’s a whole different post.

If you are deciding to download FIFA 12 online for free then just keep in mind nothing is really free. Keep an eye out for those shady malware and spyware that come with these so-called free FIFA 12 torrents. A lot of them also come with pixels that trigger off alerts to your ISP notifying them of an illegal pirated download activity in progress. ¬†Also you can’t get regular updates to roster changes and all that fun stuff. Playing online is another tedius task. EA servers can be smart at times. Most of the time they are busying crashing. A.k.a maintenance down time.

Maybe EA Sports and the FIFA 12 team should at least charge the pirate users some annual maintenance fee. That way we can perhaps enjoy a lag-free football match online for once. I just got booted off the EA sports right now too. Hopefully its an important update not just another silly update that no one really cares about.

For all the fellow PS3 FIFA 12 players, lets practice our skills and see everyone back soon. Oh and don’t try and Download FIFA12 online for free.



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  1. Soloman Alabi says:

    I totally agree with you my friend. But I would rather pay the money to get a legit copy of the game and not have to worry about spyware and all that other jargon.
    And yes, the lag is very annoying, especially when you are playing someone and they do not experience any of it at all.
    Kind Regards,